Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ahh I love studies. Whenever you're mind is pullin a blank in the imagination department, that's always a good time to brush on your technical skills and knowledge. The first is of course a study. The second was just a little sketch used to help practice my character design polish-ness (? lol), and the third was for a creature competition on CGHub. I may update the last two in the future to give it a retouch to have a much more finished, pleasant look.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Old and Some New

I haven't updated this in a while, so I thought I'd drop some recent stuff. Been doing a lot of studies, drawing, contests, and ideations as of late. The first was a Zhaoming Wu study I did about a week ago. He's an amazing artist and I would love to implement some of his use of edges, subtleties, and especially his color in my work in the future. After that study, I made sure to put what I learned to the test and made a little illustration of the last Aztec king, trying to utilize the use of the fall off and texture that I had did in the study.

I've also been participating in multiple challenges this past week, including Dominance War. These next two pieces were for CG Hub's Character Forge, both it's thumbnails and what I had for the deadline. Got to do more mileage!!!
This last piece is an oldie, about three months old. Did it for my composition class with Steve Hampton. The class was invaluable, as I've always had a foggy understanding with composition, however I feel so much more confident approaching it now. This too was a giant learning experience.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Recent stuff

Recent background. Going to touch this up during Christmas break. :)

Started off as just a practice sketch but after awhile I decided to just bring it as far as possible without getting in the way of homework haha.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Personal work, exercises, and KG study!

Hey everyone, it's been awhile, but since my absence, I've been doing many studies, personal works and explorations. The first is my most recent, an illustration because I haven't done many. Wanted to practice both character design but also it's composition. The second was the same, however it was more of an exercise. I may finish it one day. The third were me exploring how can I represent a Dwarf without necessarilly making it your average bearded warrior by playing up different archetypes and iconic aspects of it. Fourth was me taking a thumbnail to a much more finished state for my Environment class. We only had to do black and whites but I had time last week, and I really liked the narrative and composition with it, so I decided why not. Last was a study of my man KG! Hope he doesn't take the loss from the Lakers too personally ;) haha

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pieces from ConceptsWeekly

Decided to post these up also since they've fallen on the last pages on Conceptsweekly lol. The first was a take on Mother Goose and the second was a take on Alice in Wonderland(Which is about the White and Red Knight). Decided to add them because I definitely love this kind of illustration too, and any feedback on these would be definitely appreciated. Always looking for ways to improve my work.

Monday, August 16, 2010

More stuff!

Just uploading some of my older artwork again. Second was a final for my matte painting class. Third was for my Visual Dev. and Concept Art class last quarter, in which we were given a period, age, gender, and had to develop the main weapon, secondary weapon, scepter, shield, and helmet. The last was for my Digital Ink and Painting class in which we had to recreate the Goonies. Fuckin awesome lol.

Bam Bam BAM!

Hey, I deleted all my posts because for some reason the pics weren't able to be viewed at a higher resolution. So bizzam! For those five people I told about this blog, this is for you lol.

The second and third piece were for my Comparative Anatomy final for Steve Hampton's class when we had to design both a predator and it's prey. The fourth and fifth were recreations of Zaius and Cornelius from Planet of The Apes. I'll post some more right now.