Monday, August 16, 2010

More stuff!

Just uploading some of my older artwork again. Second was a final for my matte painting class. Third was for my Visual Dev. and Concept Art class last quarter, in which we were given a period, age, gender, and had to develop the main weapon, secondary weapon, scepter, shield, and helmet. The last was for my Digital Ink and Painting class in which we had to recreate the Goonies. Fuckin awesome lol.

Bam Bam BAM!

Hey, I deleted all my posts because for some reason the pics weren't able to be viewed at a higher resolution. So bizzam! For those five people I told about this blog, this is for you lol.

The second and third piece were for my Comparative Anatomy final for Steve Hampton's class when we had to design both a predator and it's prey. The fourth and fifth were recreations of Zaius and Cornelius from Planet of The Apes. I'll post some more right now.